Poverty and the failure to care

The recent statement by the chancellor in his Spring Statement made no efforts to ease the burden on the poorest by government action. Benefits were increased 6% below the rate of inflation, whilst no real help was on offer to support fuel costs or against rising food and other prices.

There was help given to people working – not nearly enough, but there was some. This deliberate, almost callous decision to ignore this wave of pressure being applied on behalf fo the poorest by charities and others who work with them is striking. This government is saying – “Work and we will help you, but benefits will no longer be enough to keep you alive. Get a job”. There is no extra income for charities either to help them address the terrible hurt rising prices will wreak.

Governmnet policy suggests of course that work pays, but the reality is that low paid jobs means that even this is a con. These price rises for fuel and food will hurt millions on low incomes too. This decision is savage and cruel and people on benefits or state pensions alone will die as a result, others forced into 2 or 3 jobs whilst living in terrible housing and eating teriible food. It is a shameful position that the current government is not just a pitiful, wretched player on the european and world stages, but that at home, it utterly lacks compassion, yet lies and pretends it does care.

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