Palaces of Gold

Thoughts after Grenfell. Along with our compassion, there is anger that this could happen. (see:

When I was six a coal tip slid down a hill and buried and killed a large number of children in the mining village of Aberfan: little children like me. There was an outpouring of grief and compassion. But no-one was ever really held responsible.

Leon Rosselson’s song, “Palaces of Gold” was partly inspired by this tragedy. Its a humanistic vision of a world where tragedies like this would be avoided – and everyone, the “son of company director, or a judge’s private daughter”  – and even the children of the poor, would no longer be “buried alive by slagheaps”, but housed in ‘Palaces of Gold’.

Its worth a listen; lets hope the housing of the poor improves in the next fifty years, and there are no more Aberfans, or Grenfells.


2 thoughts on “Palaces of Gold

  1. Thank you for following my blog and also for this post, it’s powerful especially the song. Poverty is something that surrounds me everyday here in the Philippines. I write a lot of poems about it, I help a few families. I want to do more. We can all do at least something. Mel.


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